A call to scale

The word scale is used interchangeably with ‘scale up’ which means exponential growth or growth in significant proportions. Since I started evangelizing that small businesses should scale in the last two years, I have received several emails and had various conversations with people who say they want to scale their […]

leapfrog into 2019

How has 2018 been for your business? Have you experienced growth and progress? Maybe you have taken some steps or made some decisions that have not gone the way you have hoped. Or maybe half of the time you felt like you were ‘winging’ things without knowing exactly what you were […]

you need the right tools

I have a weird habit I usually make decisions using one of my two ‘brains’. My Accountant brain(I have a first degree in Accounting, so I try to save costs and be super logical) or my faith brain( I go out of my comfort zone and stretch myself to create the […]