I would like to work with you and your team to inspire, ignite and instruct you to create the business and life you truly desire. Our packages include:

  • Strategy Development:

    In the last 3 years, our clients have carved a niche for themselves in growing sectors of the Nigerian business ecosphere and expanded their business to include multiple branches.

  • Business Leaders Circle:

    The business leaders circle is a one-year, continuous, high-impact business coaching and accountability program. The ideal clients for this service are business owners who have been in business for an average of 3 years, and whose annual turn-over upwards N12 million.

  • Ready to scale Workshop:

        The ‘Ready to scale workshop’ will help you take your dreams of scaling up your business and translate it into a            workable realistic plan of action, so you can achieve the exponential growth you desire without the major head  aches that come with it.

  • Team Strategy Sessions:

    Have you hit a ceiling on your business and organization knowledge and require new information and outlook. In repositioning your business to scale, grow exponentially, the rules are different.

  • Periodic High-Level Networking Lunches:

    Our lunch-time scale conversations are targeted at premium business owners who are at the top 5% in their industry and occupy thought leader status.

  • Book Ms. Alimi to speak:

    Over the past 6 years, Ms. Alimi has spoken with diverse audiences from different walks of life on different topics ranging from business and entrepreneurship to technology and scale.